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Acrylic risers, pedestals, display risers, acrylic cubes, acrylic blocks, cupcake stands, cake stands in multiple styles, colors, thicknesses and sizes. Acrylic stands are a popular way to table top display and add prominence to any type of product to showcase commercially in retail, at special events, home and in the office. High clarity acrylic display stands blend into any home, store or office decor. Custom acrylic stand sizes available for all styles, so please contact us with your specifications (minimums may apply). All sizes are nominal. All prices are wholesale and with no minimums for stock sizes. Acrylic risers, pedestals and stands are guaranteed made in USA from non-reprocessed, high clarity acrylic sheet.

Acrylic display stand riser styles we make:

Standard n-shaped acrylic risers
The standard in tabletop risers and are a popular multipurpose stand for a variety of items. The stands feature an n-shaped tabletop display with a flat top design. We make acrylic risers to hold lightweight (1/8″ thick acrylic) to heavyweight items (3/8″ thick acrylic)and up to 16 inches high. They come in white, black, and clear acrylic and blend into any home, retail, or office decor. We can make them in other colors however a minimum quantity will probably have to apply as color acrylic sheet cost 5x more than clear, black, or white. We always recommend clear as it compliments any room decor. Risers are sold separately or in tiered stand sets.

Small acrylic table risers
Our small acrylic table risers have a large flat surface with two bottom support legs. Tables are 3 inches high and available in 12″ wide x 7″ depth or 14″ wide x 9″ depth and will hold light-weight to medium-weight items.

Acrylic pedestal risers
Our acrylic pedestals feature a square and top bottom with a center column. We make both small table top pedestals and floor standing pedestals up to 30 inches high. Pedestals are sold separately or in tiered stand sets in clear or white acrylic. The tall floor standing pedestals have a square 12″ x 12″ top and bottom and made sanded and flame polished .375 thick acrylic. Our smaller table top pedestals are made from either 1/8″ or 3/16″ top and bottom depending on size. If you’re looking for a more decorative pedestal, we also make them filled with flowers or bows.

Acrylic block risers
Blocks are 5 sided and come in tiered sets of 3. Acrylic boxes are open on one end and can either be used as a stand or as a regular box. Individual box dimensions, 4x4x4″, 5x5x5″, 6x6x6″ high.

Z acrylic risers
This style acrylic riser has a z bend for displaying light-weight items on countertops. Z bent riser comes in clear acrylic or black and up to 10 inches high.