Sign Holders, Picture Frames, Signage

Sign holders come in a variety of different table top display styles and sizes for your advertising inserts to help you increase your sales, promote your services, special event or organization. Acrylic frames come in magnetic, wall mount, countertop, slatwall and gridwall styles and are manufactured from prime grade acrylic. High clarity acrylic frames blend into any home, store or office decor. Custom sign holder sizes available (minimums may apply). All sign holder prices are wholesale and with no minimums for stock sizes. All sizes nominal. Sign holders and pictures frames are guaranteed made in USA from non-reprocessed, high clarity acrylic sheet.

Acrylic signage holder styles

Slant back sign holders
The sign holder has a slant back viewing angle design for viewing your inserts and is side-loaded. This style is the most popular and economical sign holder we sell. Choose from either the economy model or the premium model (slightly thicker than the economy model). We custom make a lot of sizes for this style. If you don’t see the size you need, contact us. Available in both horizontal and vertical designs.

Bottom load, T style sign holders
This style sign holder loads your signage from either the bottom or top and commonly used on countertops by entrances to capture the attention of people coming and going. The sign holder is designed to fit two inserts back to back and is available in an economy model or the premium model (slightly thicker than the economy model).

Table tent sign holders
Table tents are similar to our bottom loading T style frames but with a viewing angle to capture both sitting and standing people. Highly recommended style and are very popular in the hospitality industry like restaurants and hotel lobbies.

Two and three section sign holders
Two section holders will hold up to 4 advertisements back to back. The three-section holders will hold up to 6 advertisements back to back. This style sign holder is ideal for menus and multiple advertisements.

Magnetic frames
This style has a strong magnetic back and is popular for being used as magnetic picture frames, magnetic signs, or refrigerator magnets. We use a strong magnetic back on our acrylic frames that are about double the thickness that you find on cheap imported acrylic frames.

Office cubicle sign holders
Cubicle acrylic frames are a great way to hang name tags and departments on office cubicle walls. Cubicle holders slide on and off cubicle walls and changed with ease. Name tag holders fit .5, 1″, 1.5″ and 2.5″ cubicle walls and available in single and double-sided designs.

Wall mount sign holders
We make wall mount holders for slatwall panels, gridwall panels and walls to fit any size literature for viewing. High clarity clear acrylic blends into any wall decor.

Wall mount acrylic frames make an ideal way to display your Covid-19 signage throughout offices, retails stores, entrances, or anywhere you need to put up notices at eye level to grab attention.