Buy Bulk Displays LLC, headquartered in the United States, is renowned for producing superior-quality acrylic displays, catering primarily to the hospitality industries. Established in 1961, we have carved out a solid reputation as a trusted manufacturer in the custom plastics sector. Our cornerstone beliefs lie in the quality of our products, the excellence of our service, and the dedication of our people.

We accompany you through every step of your project, providing comprehensive support from the initial concept to the finished product. Our involvement extends to all facets of development, commencing from the initial design, transitioning through project engineering and prototyping, parts testing, and culminating in production. Opting for Buy Bulk Displays signifies a commitment to superior quality acrylic parts and an alliance with a longstanding tradition of excellence. All our products are meticulously crafted and proudly made in the U.S.A. We also cater to custom requests to meet your specific requirements.

Our Company’s Journey Through the Decades


Our venture began during the inaugural year of President John F. Kennedy. Initially, we focused on manufacturing thermoplastic components for the suspension industry, along with OEM and aftermarket heavy-duty truck parts. Our commitment to locally made, American-sourced products became our defining trait.


In the same year that the Beatles’ “I Want to Hold Your Hand” took the United States by storm, we were busy engineering the first-ever NB1 bushing, custom-designed for the leaf spring industry.


While the Altair 8800 was sparking the microcomputer revolution and Microsoft was being founded, we stepped into the production of the original anti-squeak tip pad for leaf spring manufacturers, sending millions of our pads into the marketplace.


During a decade when many manufacturing firms migrated to Mexico, we upheld our promise to American craftsmanship. Our product line expanded to serve the global casino industry with a range of coin and currency handling products.


While China made its entry into the global marketplace, we remained steadfast in our mission of “Made in the USA” manufacturing. This era saw the launch of our acrylic division, supplying a variety of industries with high-quality acrylic products, from sign holders to display risers.

2000s & Beyond

Our journey into the new decade was marked by continued growth. Today, our portfolio comprises hundreds of stock acrylic products, and we persistently innovate, adding new creations every day.

Thank you for visiting our website and exploring our diverse product range.

Official Government References: NAICS code 339950-Sign Manufacturing.
SIC code 3993. DUN# 080774407.
Proudly certified “Made in the USA”.