Equipment For Lab

Welcome to our “Lab Supplies” category – a treasure trove of top-quality, innovative, and practical acrylic solutions designed to cater to all your equipment for lab requirements. With a keen focus on functionality and aesthetics, our offerings range from essential protective lab supplies to clever storage options, all designed with the contemporary lab environment in mind.

In this category, you’ll find our Biohazard Containers, an indispensable part of laboratories equipment for dealing with hazardous materials. These containers ensure safe containment and disposal of biohazardous waste, with different pricing options to accommodate varying budgets.

Our Blood Unit Organizer is a lifesaver for medical laboratories dealing with blood samples. This piece of essential lab supplies not only provides utility but also enhances your lab’s overall organizational efficiency.

The Wall File Organizer, another integral part of our laboratories equipment, keeps your lab paperwork neatly organized. This versatile piece of acrylic furniture is perfect for managing files, folders, and important documents.

Especially for labs dealing with sensitive materials that require controlled environments, our Desiccator Cabinet is a must-have. This sturdy, acrylic-based cabinet ensures your samples remain protected from ambient moisture, preserving the integrity of your work.

Promoting safety, we provide Face Mask Dispensers and Glove Box Holders for easy access to protective equipment for lab personnel. These practical lab supplies encourage adherence to safety protocols in your laboratory.

Our Media Plate Holders and PPE Dispensers are notable additions to your laboratories equipment, keeping your workspace tidy and ensuring you never run out of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The unique Polycube Tipper aids in dispensing small lab items smoothly, while our Storage Containers offer a versatile solution for storing a wide range of lab supplies.

Our Test Tube Rack Pull Out Trays and Test Tube Racks, designed to cater to the needs of molecular biology and chemistry labs, provide a secure and organized storage solution for your test tubes.

In conclusion, our Lab Acrylic Supplies category seamlessly blends functionality with style. From setting up a new lab to revamping an existing one, we’ve got all the equipment for lab you’ll need. Explore our range and find the right fit for your lab supplies requirements.