Photo Booth Frames

Step into our Photo Booth Frames category, a realm where your memories, photo strips, and photobooth strips get the VIP treatment they deserve. Every picture tells a story, and our photo booth picture frames are the perfect storytellers. From birthday bashes to weddings and everything in between, we’ve got the frame to suit the occasion and make your treasured moments shine.

Kick things off with our fan-favorite 2×6 size photo booth frames. These sleek and stylish frames are a perfect fit for standard photo strips or photobooth strips from photo booths, giving your cherished moments the perfect setting. Available in various styles, including Slant Back, T Style, and Wall Mount, these frames are ready to add a dash of elegance to your space.

Next, we invite you to check out our magnetic frames. They’re not just frames, they’re also a fun and functional addition to your fridge decor. The powerful magnetic back ensures they hold up under the weight of your joyous memories, photo strips, and photobooth strips, making them ideal for turning your refrigerator into a personal art gallery. Manufactured in various sizes, they’re ready to embrace your photo booth strips and inserts, giving them a home that’s both secure and stylish.

Our photo booth picture frames are crafted from prime grade, clear acrylic, ensuring distortion-free clarity and a premium look and feel. Made in the USA, they promise top-tier quality and unmatched aesthetics. So, step right up, and let your memories, photo strips, and photobooth strips bask in the limelight they truly deserve. Happy framing!