Cubicle Name Tag Sign Holders

Cubicle name tag and sign holders are available in single or double sided models and can fit .5″, 1″, 1.5″ and 2.5″ cubicle walls. Custom sizes available. Holders are made from high clarity clear acrylic. Made in USA.

Face Mask Dispensers

The Standard in Acrylic Displays Since 1961

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Display Anything, Anywhere

We specialize in acrylic displays for the hospitality and retail industry and a trusted USA plastic manufacturer since 1961. Buy Bulk Displays is your best choice for quality acrylic display stands for advertising and specialized needs. All products are made right here in the U.S.A. We manufacture a huge variety of styles and sizes and also provide a custom design option. Our main products we manufacture are Face Mask Dispensers, Acrylic Risers Pedestals, Stands, Boxes and Bins, Photo Booth Frames, Sign Holders, Acrylic Frames, Easel Stands, Business card holders, Acrylic Mirrors, Tier Stand Stairways, Ballot and Donation Boxes, Sneeze Guards, Wall Mounted Displays, Eyeglasses Holders, Silverware Holders, Jewelry Displays, Brochure Holders and Racks, Shoe stands, Phone Stands, Cash Room Acrylic Supplies, Lab Acrylics. Read more about us.

Made in USA Guaranteed Acrylic Displays

We guarantee all our displays are made in the USA and provide a certificate of origin with each order. When it comes to acrylic, it’s important to stay away from imports from China. They use reprocessed, yellow tinted acrylic and is often not acrylic, but thin, flimsy PETE (what plastic soda bottles are made from) It’s often used by China manufacturing as a very cheap alternative to acrylic and passed off as acrylic. We use nothing but prime grade acrylic that is made in the USA.

Custom Displays Sizes & Styles

We can custom make to fit your specs. We have over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing custom acrylic displays for our customers. It’s our specialty. Please contact us for a quote.

Why Choose Buy Bulk Displays LLC?

Firstly, everything we sell is made by us in the USA, including all of our machinery and equipment we make your orders with. Buy Bulk Display’s products are found and used nationwide in retail stores, hotels, offices, schools and anywhere a display is needed. We started as a plastics injection molder and branched off in the early 80’s and started designing and manufacturing acrylic mainly for hospitality industry. We can bring experience and decades of knowledge to your project.

What Does Buy Bulk Displays LLC Make?

What’s listed on our website is just a small fraction of what we offer and capable of making. Contact us if you do not see something you’re looking for.

We Specialize in Supplying Bulk Acrylic Displays

There are many benefits to keeping your supply chain within the USA, including cheaper shipping, higher quality acrylic displays, lower turn around time, no complicated paper work, payment types and extra surprising fees associated with container shipping and importing.