Easel Stands, Business Card holders

Easel stands and business card holders come in multiple sizes, styles and colors. Easels stands are commonly used as table top displays to showcase products, books, business cards, stationery and a variety of other items. High clarity acrylic easel stand and business card holders blend into any home, store or office decor. Custom acrylic easel stand sizes available for all styles, so please contact us with your specifications (minimums may apply). All sizes are nominal. All prices are wholesale and with no minimums for stock sizes. Easel stands and business card holders are guaranteed made in USA from non-reprocessed, high clarity acrylic sheet.

Easel stand styles

Open and closed front easels
These style stands hold items upright with either an open or closed lip on the bottom. We make both large and business card size easel stands.

Open book display stand
Our book holders are elevated slightly for displaying books flat on countertops and made from thick clear acrylic sheets. We make a couple of standard sizes but we can customize to your specs. Edges of the stands are flame polished for a mirror-like finish and will blend into any room decor. Flat easels are a popular way to display open books in museum showcases, display cases, churches, and national parks.