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Strong magnetic frames for photo booth strips

Our hugely popular and top-selling magnetic photo booth frames are designed to fit photo strips from photo booths and are available in 5 stock sizes. Starting at a rock bottom wholesale price of only $0.55 a frame. Each one comes with a strong 60 mil thick magnet keeping them well attached to your refrigerator. They will not slide off, guaranteed. Manufactured to fit your photo nice and snug while keeping them well protected, covered and well preserved inside the frame. Makes a perfect addition to your photo booth rental for any occasion and has been one of the favorites with our customers year after year.

There are a lot of cheaply made, imported magnetic frames with thin magnets on the market. We had a few here at our shop for comparison, and they fell right off the fridge when closed. The magnets on them are wider than ours; however, it’s the thickness of a magnet that determines the strength.

Stock sizes (inches)
2 wide x 6 high
2.25 wide x 6 high
2.25 wide x 7.5 high
2 wide x 8 high
2.25 wide x 8.5 high

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