Slat Wall Panel Sign Holder


Effortlessly elevate your communications with our versatile gridwall style sign holders, transforming any grid wall into a dynamic display platform that ensures your signs always take center stage.

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Our High-Quality, USA-Made Acrylic Advantage


Ultimate Versatility: Gridwall Style Sign Holders

Experience the transformative power of our gridwall style sign holders. More than just a signage accessory, it’s a dynamic tool to bring your communications to life. The sturdy construction and practical design make these sign holders the perfect fit for various grid walls or gondola shelving systems.

Easy Attachment: Acrylic Hook Feature

Embrace simplicity and convenience with our sign holders’ unique acrylic hook feature. This thoughtful design ensures effortless installation on any grid wall or gondola shelving, eliminating the need for additional tools or hardware. Use it to elevate the visibility of your signs in a multitude of settings – from bustling schools and hotels to retail stores and hospital lobbies.

High-Quality Design: Acrylic Frame

Our gridwall style sign holders are the epitome of quality and elegance. The transparent acrylic frame not only adds a touch of sophistication but also ensures your signs get the undivided attention they deserve. With this blend of durability and aesthetics, your display is bound to stand out in any environment.

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