Pocket Acrylic Sign Holder


From pocket-sized pamphlets to grand announcements, our Acrylic Sign Holder effortlessly adapts to any message size, ensuring your content always steals the show!

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Our High-Quality, USA-Made Acrylic Advantage


Stay Organized, Stay Engaged: The Pocket-Perfect Acrylic Sign Holder

Say hello to organization like never before! Our Acrylic Sign Holder comes with an attached pocket for literature handouts, ensuring your important messages and supporting material always stay together. Ideal for any setup where information is key, this unique blend of form and function is your next go-to display solution!

Acrylic Excellence with a Twist

Our Acrylic Sign Holder isn’t just another holder; it’s an expertly crafted accessory designed to add clarity and charm to your communication. Its clear, robust acrylic material ensures it blends seamlessly into any environment while putting your messages front and center.

Handy Pockets, Amplified Impact

This isn’t your average acrylic stand; it’s an interactive display solution. With a cleverly attached pocket for literature handouts, this sign stand takes the concept of viewer engagement to the next level. Not only does it hold your sign; it also neatly stores supporting literature, making sure your audience leaves with everything they need to know.

Size Flexibility: Perfect Fit for Every Message

Whatever the size of your communication, we have the perfect fit! Our stock sign holders come in a variety of sizes, so whether you’re sharing an 8.5 wide x 11 high announcement or displaying an 8 wide x 10 high menu, we’ve got the perfect pocket to match. Our range includes:

  • 8.5 wide x 11 high with 4 wide x 6.5 high pocket
  • 11 wide x 8.5 high with 6.5 wide x 4 high pocket
  • 8 wide x 10 high with 4 wide x 6.5 high pocket
  • 10 wide x 8 high with 6.5 wide x 4 high pocket

The Stand that Understands Your Needs

Our Acrylic Sign Holder with pocket is more than just a sign stand. It’s a compact, yet effective communication tool that knows the importance of keeping things organized. Designed to cater to your dynamic needs, it’s the stand that understands and addresses your specific display requirements.

Experience a new level of organization, engagement, and versatility with our Acrylic Sign Holder with an attached pocket. It’s not just a sign holder, it’s a game-changer for your display strategy!


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8.5×11 with pocket size 4×6.5, 11×8.5 with pocket size 6.5×4, 8×10 with pocket size 4×6.5, 10×8 with pocket size 6.5×4