Small Acrylic Frame for Price, Labels (Set of 10)


Jazz up your retail display game with our Countertop Acrylic Frame Sign Holders – a chic, versatile and user-friendly solution that puts your price tags in the limelight, making price changes as easy as a magician’s sleight of hand!

All sizes nominal
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Our High-Quality, USA-Made Acrylic Advantage


Premium Countertop Acrylic Frame Sign Holders

Elevate the way you present your pricing tags with our exceptional Countertop Acrylic Frame Sign Holders. These are not just simple placeholders, but a magnificent blend of functionality and aesthetics. Meticulously designed to house price labels and signs measuring up to 3.5″ wide and 2.5″ high, these holders are sure to enhance the overall display of your products.

User-Friendly Design for Easy Loading

These frames are ingeniously built with a user-centric approach. Unlike conventional models, these Acrylic Frame Sign Holders boast a side-loading design, enabling you to change your price tags or labels swiftly. Forget the cumbersome process of changing labels. Our frames are here to simplify the task, making them a must-have tool for dynamic retail environments.

Slanted for Optimal Viewing

In the world of business, visibility is key. That’s why our acrylic sign holders have been designed with a slanted angle. This design detail ensures maximum visibility for your pricing tags or labels. Be it on a countertop or tabletop, the slanted viewing angle promises clear readability, making your customer’s buying decision easier and faster.

Multipack Value Deal

We understand that one is never enough in a bustling retail setting. That’s why we offer our premium Acrylic Frame Sign Holders in sets of 10. With this multipack offer, you get to keep consistency across your store while saving on cost. Give your price labeling a touch of elegance and orderliness with our sets of 10 sign holders.

Pricegun Compatibility

The versatility of our Acrylic Frame Sign Holders doesn’t end at just holding labels and signs. We’ve designed them to perfectly match with any pricegun labels. So if you’re using a pricegun for swift and efficient labeling, our sign holders will integrate seamlessly into your process, making them an indispensable accessory for your retail needs.

Our Countertop Acrylic Frame Sign Holders offer the best solution for your price label displaying needs. With its user-friendly design, slanted angle for optimal viewing, value multipack offer, and pricegun compatibility, it is undoubtedly an upgrade to your retail environment. Don’t let your price tags be an afterthought. Let them shine in our Acrylic Frame Sign Holders!