Price Label Display Stand Holders (Set of 10)


  • Acrylic frames for displaying prices and labels
  • Sold in sets of 10 frames
  • Measures  3.5″ wide x 2.5″ high
  • Acrylic frames made from prime grade clear acrylic
  • Price, label holders made in USA
Delivery Notice
All orders are custom made just for you
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Sign holders hold price labels and signs that measure up to 3.5″ wide  x 2.5″ high. Acrylic frames are slanted for counter tops and loads from the side. Sold in sets of 10 sign holders. Acrylic frame sizes nominal. Acrylic frames made in USA from non-reprocessed acrylic sheet for the highest clarity possible to make your signage stand out.

Acrylic Frame Features

  • Set of 10 price holders
  • Flame polished edges
  • 3.5″ wide x 2.5″ high
  • For displaying prices and labels
  • Slanted viewing angle
  • Countertop/tabletop model
  • Loads from the side