Photo Booth Frames Double-Sided Foam Tape


Encapsulate your photo booth fun and amplify your events with our unique, custom-designed acrylic frames – the ultimate party favor that transforms fleeting moments into lasting memories!

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Our High-Quality, USA-Made Acrylic Advantage
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Illuminate Your Memories with Our Photo Booth Picture Frames

Welcome to a world where every photo booth strip becomes a cherished memory, protected and highlighted in our custom-designed photo booth frames. These frames, designed with precision to snugly fit photo booth strips or inserts, turn your special moments into lasting keepsakes. They are the ideal companions to any photo booth, elegantly showcasing your joyous times.

What makes our photo booth picture frames unique is the double-sided foam tape that holds your precious photos securely. This adhesive is both strong and adaptable, ensuring a firm stick on virtually any surface. Be it a candid snap from a wedding photo booth or a goofy grin captured at a birthday party, these frames adapt to showcase a variety of treasures.

The Ultimate Party Favor: Acrylic Frames

Elevate your party favors with our top-notch acrylic frames. These beauties act as lasting keepsakes, transforming your events into enduring memories. Incorporating them into your goodie bags adds a dash of sophistication, resulting in a thoughtful keepsake that leaves a lasting impression on your guests. Their clear, polished finish ensures they complement any photo booth picture, adding to its charm and appeal.

Every picture indeed tells a story, and our photo booth frames ensure yours are preserved in the best possible way. Whether planning a grand wedding celebration, a fun birthday bash, or looking for the perfect party favor, our range of frames are sure to charm you and your guests. Here’s to unforgettable moments and the frames that treasure them!

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