Face Mask Box Holder Dispenser


The Dual-Use Face Mask Box Dispenser, meticulously crafted from high-grade clear acrylic, provides versatile placement options, is tailor-made for disposable face mask boxes, and features a stable, non-slip design, offering a stylish, functional, and convenient solution for your safety needs.

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Our High-Quality, USA-Made Acrylic Advantage


Maximize Safety and Organization: Dual-Use Face Mask Box Dispenser

Introduce our Dual-Use Face Mask Box Dispenser into your environment – a vital tool that ensures safety measures are not just accessible but well-organized. Elegantly constructed from top-grade clear acrylic, this dispenser infuses your setting with a touch of modern aesthetics while staying committed to its core functional purpose.

Experience Convenient Placement Flexibility

Our face mask box dispenser boasts placement versatility that effortlessly adapts to your space’s needs. Whether you prefer it on a countertop or mounted on a wall, this dispenser is ready to serve. It features dual mounting holes for a hassle-free wall installation and even includes two free washers to guarantee a secure setup. (Please note: screws are not included.)

Tailored Fit for Disposable Face Mask Boxes

Our dispenser is thoughtfully designed to house flat disposable face mask boxes, with dimensions of 9″ wide, 4″ deep, and 5″ high. This precise fit ensures your face mask boxes are held securely and can be accessed quickly and easily when needed.

Stable, Non-Slip Design for Countertop Use

Enhanced with four non-slip rubber feet, this dispenser remains steadfast on countertops, eliminating the chance of sliding in high-activity environments. This thoughtful addition assures stability and an ease of use that truly sets it apart.

Step up your safety game with our Dual-Use Face Mask Box Dispenser – a blend of style, functionality, and convenience designed to meet and exceed your expectations. Explore the transformation that this essential safety accessory can bring to your environment today!