Test Tube Racks


The Acrylic Test Tube Rack: Marrying functionality and style, it’s your go-to solution for an organized, efficient laboratory.

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Sophisticated Organization: The Acrylic Test Tube Rack

When it comes to laboratory organization, the right tools are indispensable. Understanding this need for efficiency and seamless operations, we’ve crafted our acrylic test tube racks. These racks, made from 3/16″ thick clear acrylic, not only streamline your workflow but also add a touch of elegance to your laboratory setup.

Robust Construction: Crafted from Clear Acrylic

Designed with resilience in mind, our test tube racks are built from 3/16″ thick clear acrylic. This material provides outstanding durability and stability, ensuring that the rack can withstand the rigors of a busy laboratory environment. The clear acrylic further enhances the visual appeal, creating a sleek, modern aesthetic while allowing for easy identification of the stored test tubes.

Ingenious Design: Angled Shelves and Flat Top Shelf

Each of our test tube racks features a smartly designed structure with three angled shelves and a flat top shelf per section. This allows for efficient storage and easy access to your test tubes. Whether you’re dealing with high volumes of samples or working on intricate experiments, our test tube holder guarantees seamless organization.

Enhanced Versatility: Accompanying Pull-Out Tube Trays

In order to further enhance your laboratory experience, we also offer pull-out tube trays (sold separately) that are specifically designed to fit our test tube racks. These trays provide an additional layer of organization, making the handling and storage of your test tubes even more convenient. Note that the product image is of our one-section, three-compartment model, demonstrating the versatility and adaptability of our design.

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