Acrylic Table Tent, Double-Sided


Double the fun and double the visibility, our Double-Sided Acrylic Table Tent takes your tabletop messaging from ‘Oh, that’s nice’ to ‘Wow, that’s unmissable!’ in no time!

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Our High-Quality, USA-Made Acrylic Advantage


Revolutionize Your Display Game: The Double-Sided Acrylic Table Tent

Step into a world where showcasing your messages has never been more fun, or more accessible! Our Double-Sided Acrylic Table Tent is engineered to ensure your announcements, promotions, or menus get the attention they warrant, whether your audience is sitting or standing. It’s time to take your table displays to the next level!

Crystal Clear and Ready to Impress

Created from high-grade clear acrylic, our table tent combines sophistication with resilience. It’s not just an acrylic sign holder; it’s an invitation to engage with your message in a refreshing, visually appealing manner. Perfect for restaurants, hotels, and hospitals, our table tent assures your content is both noticed and admired.

Two-Sided Viewing: Double the Impact

Welcome to a new dimension of visibility. With a design that accommodates two-sided viewing, our acrylic stand lets your message shine from every perspective. Stand it on your table or counter, and watch as it commands attention from all directions.

Sturdy Stand, Strong Statement

There’s more to our acrylic stand than meets the eye. This sign stand isn’t just sturdy, it’s crafted to weather the hustle and bustle of high-traffic environments. Robust yet lightweight, it’s a reliable partner that stands tall through the test of time.

The Table Tent that Tops Them All

Ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with our Double-Sided Acrylic Table Tent. This sign stand does more than just hold a sign; it transforms your tabletops into dynamic communication platforms. Whether you’re sharing today’s specials, promoting an upcoming event, or informing patients of crucial health guidelines, our table tent ensures your message stands out.

Introducing the Double-Sided Acrylic Table Tent – a display solution that combines style, durability, and double-sided viewing to bring your messages to life. It’s not just an acrylic stand; it’s a tool to amplify your communication and revolutionize your display game!

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