Acrylic Riser With Corner Flat V Fold


With the chic Flat V-Corner Fold Acrylic Risers, your products will be stepping up in style and standing tall, turning your display into the talk of the town!

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Our High-Quality, USA-Made Acrylic Advantage
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Fashionably Flat:

Step up your showcase game with our Flat V-Corner Fold Acrylic Risers. With a design that emphasizes elegance and uniqueness, these risers provide your products with a trendy pedestal. Ideal for showcases, countertops, or window displays, these risers add a touch of style while ensuring your items never go unnoticed.

A Display with a Twist:

Our risers feature a unique flat V-shaped corner fold that acts as a foot, adding a novel design element to your display. This innovative structure enhances product prominence and introduces a fresh perspective to your presentation, making it both organized and visually captivating.

The Perfect Spotlight:

From showcasing delicate jewelry, high-end makeup, to other specialty store items, these acrylic risers present the perfect platform. The flat V-corner fold design elevates your products, allowing them to steal the limelight and enchant every observer.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All:

Understanding your unique display needs, we offer these risers in a multitude of sizes:

  • 3x3x1.5″ high for your charming trinkets
  • 4x4x2″ high for medium-sized gems
  • 5x5x2.5″ high for a touch of extra visibility
  • 6x6x3″ high for those commanding more space
  • 10x10x5″ high for your statement pieces
  • 12x12x6″ high for your most grandiose displays

Redesigning the Display Narrative:

Our Flat V-Corner Fold Acrylic Risers redefine your product display, turning it into a visual story that echoes style and sophistication. Give your products a worthy platform and let them shine in their full glory.

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