Acrylic Riser With Corner V Fold


The V-Bottom Acrylic Risers – turning corners and V-ing bottoms to give your products an ‘edge’ in style and a ‘V-ictory’ in visibility!

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Our High-Quality, USA-Made Acrylic Advantage
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Elegance in Every Corner:

Give your products a place to shine with our V-Bottom Acrylic Riser. Featuring distinctive corner folds and V-shaped bottoms, these risers bring an unexpected twist to the way you showcase your items. They are perfect companions for your showcases, countertops, or window displays, adding a dash of elegance and intrigue.

A Showcase Like No Other:

Our V-shaped corner folds not only create a unique aesthetic, but they also enhance your products’ prominence. This design adds depth and dynamism to your display, bringing a new level of organization and appeal to your presentation.

Perfect for Your Prized Possessions:

Whether it’s showcasing exquisite jewelry, top-tier makeup, or unique specialty store items, these acrylic risers are the ultimate display stage. They ensure your products are always in the spotlight, captivating the attention of every passerby.

A Size for Every Display:

We offer a variety of sizes to suit your unique needs:

  • 3x3x1.5″ high for your petite treasures
  • 4x4x2″ high for slightly larger items
  • 5x5x2.5″ high to add a touch more height
  • 6x6x3″ high for those that demand more prominence
  • 10x10x5″ high for your standout items
  • 12x12x6″ high for your real showstoppers

Reimagine Your Display:

Our V-Bottom Acrylic Risers aren’t just an accessory – they’re an asset that transforms your displays into visually enticing narratives. Give your products the attention they deserve, and let the beauty of your items shine from every angle.

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