Pedestals Filled With Flowers


Unleash a visual symphony of romance and elegance with our rose-filled acrylic pedestal stands, transforming your display into a blooming spectacle that’s as captivating as your showcased items!

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Our High-Quality, USA-Made Acrylic Advantage
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Blossoming Elegance: Rose-Filled Acrylic Pedestal Stand

Infuse your display with a splash of romantic charm with our unique rose-filled acrylic pedestal stands. Each stand features a square top and bottom and a delightful color mix of roses encased within, creating an enchanting visual feast for your audience. Crafted with a classic plinth, column, and pillar tabletop design, these pedestals add a touch of grace to your presentation.

Ideal for countertop or display case presentations, these pedestals offer a visually captivating platform for your lightweight items. Be it retail stores, offices, homes, or events, our acrylic pedestal stands bring a fragrant bloom to any setting. And when it comes to weddings, our rose-filled pedestals turn your displays into an unforgettable romantic tableau.

Perfect Displays for All Occasions: Versatile Acrylic Pedestal and Stand

Let your products bask in the beauty of roses while they sit pretty on our pedestals. With their high-quality acrylic construction and cube pedestal design, they offer durability without compromising on aesthetics. So, whether you’re showcasing elegant jewelry, unique antiques, or delicious treats, our rose-filled acrylic pedestal stands are ready to enhance your display experience.

The Right Fit for Every Showcase: Diverse Stock Pedestal Sizes

We believe in providing you with options that perfectly suit your unique display needs. Our rose-filled acrylic pedestals come in a wide variety of sizes (width x depth x height in inches):

  • Petite Elegance: 4x4x4, 4x4x6, 4x4x8, 4x4x10
  • Balanced Glam: 5x5x4, 5x5x6, 5x5x8, 5x5x10
  • Medium Majesty: 8x8x4, 8x8x6, 8x8x8, 8x8x10
  • Large Grandeur: 10x10x4, 10x10x6, 10x10x8, 10x10x10

Choose the size that complements your product or décor and let your display blossom with our rose-filled acrylic pedestal stands!

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