Phone Stand White Easel


Experience the sophisticated allure of our white acrylic phone stand, where impeccable design meets outstanding functionality.

All sizes nominal
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Our High-Quality, USA-Made Acrylic Advantage


The Zenith of Elegance: Our White Acrylic Phone Stand

Welcome to the future of device display with our esteemed phone stand, now in stunning white acrylic. This stand not only uplifts your device but also brings an air of modern elegance to your day-to-day digital life.

A New Perspective with Easel Design

Our phone stand showcases an open front easel design, beautifully crafted in immaculate white acrylic. This standout feature ensures an undisturbed, comprehensive view of your device, enveloping your tech interactions in a pure and chic style.

Ideal Viewing, Universal Compatibility

Precision is key in our white acrylic phone stand. Engineered to provide the perfect viewing angle, this stand adjusts to accommodate a wide range of smartphones and small tablets. Whether for work or entertainment, this stand promises an enhanced, stylish experience for any device.

Compact Convenience, Infinite Versatility

Although brimming with features, our phone stand maintains a minimal footprint, measuring just 3″ wide by 3.5″ high and weighing under 2 oz. This small, yet mighty stand is built for portability, ready to accompany you and your device on all of life’s adventures.

The Best of Retail, The Luxury of Home

While this phone stand model is frequently seen gracing retail stores with its elegant device display, its charm is not confined to the commercial space. The sleek, white acrylic design of the stand brings a touch of refined luxury to personal spaces, ensuring your device always takes center stage.