Phone Stand Black Easel


Experience the cutting-edge allure of our reverse easel style black acrylic phone stand, where stylish innovation meets practical necessity.

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Our High-Quality, USA-Made Acrylic Advantage


Sleek and Refined: The Reverse Easel Style Black Acrylic Phone Stand

Step into the realm of innovative design with our much-admired phone stand, now available in a captivating black acrylic with a distinctive reverse easel style. This chic and practical accessory perfectly frames your device, adding a dash of sophistication to your digital engagements.

Revolutionary Reverse Easel Design, Bold and Beautiful

Reimagine the way you view your phone or tablet with our stand’s innovative reverse easel design, expertly crafted in deep black acrylic. This distinctive feature promises a clear, unrestricted view of your device, bathing your everyday tech experience in a pool of refined style.

Tailored Viewing, Unfettered Versatility

Our black acrylic phone stand has been engineered for optimum viewing. Whether it’s a smartphone or a small tablet, this stand is a versatile holder that highlights the best of any device, enriching everything from quick messages to lengthy streaming sessions.

Effortless Portability, Boundless Utility

While packed with top-notch features, our phone stand maintains a convenient size of 3″ wide by 3.5″ high and weighs less than 2 oz. This marvel of portability is ready to journey with you and your device, sliding into pockets and bags with ease.

The Choice of the Chic, The Favorite of Functionality

Popular in retail stores for its sophisticated showcasing of phones, this model doesn’t restrict its charm to the commercial stage. The stand’s sleek, black acrylic design and unique reverse easel style bring a dash of modern artistry to any personal setting, ensuring your device is always in the limelight.