Phone Stand With Power Cord


Experience the ultimate fusion of design and functionality with our deluxe model phone stand. Make it your phone’s personal valet, always ready to serve and impress.

All sizes nominal
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Our High-Quality, USA-Made Acrylic Advantage


Stand Tall, Stay Connected

Treat your smartphone to the luxury it deserves with our deluxe model phone stand. Our carefully designed accessory is crafted with the users’ needs in mind, guaranteeing an effortless smartphone experience that goes beyond the norm.

A Home for Your Phone, A Haven for Your Cords

Equipped with two strategically placed holes, our phone stand allows easy management of phone power cords, keeping your device charged and your workspace uncluttered. Now you can bid farewell to the web of cords on your desk, as you welcome streamlined convenience.

Elevate Your Experience

Our phone stand’s elevated design ensures an optimal viewing angle, providing a comfortable experience whether you’re on a video call, streaming your favourite shows, or merely glancing for incoming notifications. No more hunching over your desk; instead, step into the world of ergonomic ease and amplified productivity.

Grip that Sticks

Never worry about your stand sliding around your desk, thanks to the 4 anti-slip rubber feet at the bottom of our stand. Each foot ensures a firm grip on any surface, giving you the stability to go hands-free without a second thought. Your phone will stay put, just where you want it, safe and secure.